3 delicious matcha mochi recipes

Matcha is another word for green tea. It is a staple of Japanese food, just like how mochi is. Combining the two is a natural step and the following recipes will show you how to make matcha mochi within minutes.


#1: Matcha mochi cupake

matcha mochi recipe 1

This type of moochi cupcakes is perfect for every occasion and the fact that they are homemade is even better. Everyone is sick with all those supermarket cakes where all have approximately the same taste and basically no love in the process.

The contrast between the exterior and the interior makes the specialty of this cupcake. Crispy on the outside and soft and creamy in the inside it’s perfect to delight you thong and tastes. The matcha flavor combined with the lower amount of sugar in this case makes it a perfect treat for all the members of the family no matter if they are children or elders.

The steps for preparing such cupcakes are very simple, and all you need is a little time and the insatiable desire for something sweet, but not too sweet.

See full recipe here.


#2: Chocolate matcha mochi

matcha mochi recipe 2

Combining matcha and chocolate is a delicious recipe that is waiting for you to try. The author didn’t really specific the amount of the ingredients which means you might need to do a bit of guesswork to get the perfect filling. Try emailing her as she might respond.

See full recipe here.


#3: Matcha mochi with red bean paste recipe

matcha mochi with azuki recipe

I highlighted some nice azuki bean mochi recipes last week and here is another combination.

Matcha mocha with red bean paste is a delicious desert that needs to be in the menu of every family on Earth. I am not telling you this because I am a fan of this delicious cake but because thousands of people around the world venerate indeed this tasty cookie.

Right now I am going to share with you a recipe that I like most and I want you to enjoy it too!! This matcha mochi is special due to it’s creamy filling that makes more special than it is already.

See recipe here.

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