3 lime and/or lemon mochi recipes

Lime is an ingredient for balance and it’s the favorite of wine lovers as it heightens and sharpens the subtle taste of fruits in the wine. If you apply this principle in a lime or lemon mochi, you’ll get exactly the same result – a heightened mochi taste which is quite unique in the mochi universe. I gathered three easy recipes below to get you started on your lime and/or lemon mochi.


Lemon mochi

lemon mochi recipe 1

This recipe is very detailed and precise so you’ll end up with what the author came up with. The ingredients are practical and the result is simply magical. Engage your creativity and add your own personal touches to this delicious lemon mochi recipe.

See the full recipe here.


Lemon blueberry mochi cake

lemon mochi 2

This recipe particularly banks on lemon to bring the richness of blueberry flavored mochi. We know how lemon sharpens the taste of the dominant flavor and the author managed to achieved this result with this recipe. Enjoy a delightful and fruity mochi with this ingenious recipe now.

See the full recipe here.


Lemon Pudding Mochi Cake

lemon mochi 3

If you have some cravings for unique and sharp tasting mochi, this particular recipe is the right one for you. The author used practical ingredients and employed concise process so it’s now easier for you to arrive at the same taste. The delicious lemon pudding simply screams “try me now!”

See the full recipe here.

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