4 delicious pumpkin mochi recipes

A delightful mochi serving is always the right start to one’s perfect day. Pumpkins on the other hand deliver unique sweetness bursting with heavenly juicy taste akin to the holidays so imagine my surprise when mochi meets pumpkin – a genuine unique mochi experience indeed! I gathered four delicious recipes below to get you started with your delicious pumpkin mochi.


Boiled pumpkin mochi balls

delicious pumpkin mochi 1

This is an ingenious way of creating mochi balls. The author managed to infuse pumpkin taste into an already delicious and soft mochi in a very practical way. If you must wonder how the author did it, please check the following link.

See the full recipe here.


Pumpkin mochi cake

delicious pumpkin mochi 2

This recipe is apt for mochi experts out there, although the recipe is simple enough for any beginner mochi lover. The author made use of traditional existing recipes and applied creativity in achieving a great pumpkin mochi taste. The author’s description of the taste is “simply heavenly,” considering that it’s a pumpkin mochi, I strongly agree.

See the full recipe here.


Pumpkin mochi balls with black sesame and red bean paste

delicious pumpkin mochi 3

This is another ingenious idea of making mochi balls infused with the natural flavors of nature. The author heightened this recipe with inspirations from the unique flavors of the holidays; black sesame for nutty taste, red bean paste for deeper taste, and of course the delightful taste of pumpkin resulting to a one-of-a-kind scrumptious mochi.

See the full recipe here.


Apple pie mochi and pumpkin pie mochi

delicious pumpkin mochi 4

If you’re looking for a quick and simple fix for your mochi craving, this recipe is a must try. The ingredients are simple and very practical and although it may require a little bit of work, in the end you’ll be rewarded with a unique mochi experience with either delicious apple or pumpkin mochi.

See the full recipe here.


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