4 of the best matcha Taiyaki recipes and ideas

Once you have decided to buy the electric Taiyaki maker, the next thing is to come up with recipes that best made use of the maker machine in your kitchen. While the traditional red bean paste Taiyaki recipe is a must try, I thought it will be interesting to share something different. In this case, I am talking green tea or matcha taiyaki recipe. Below are some easy and delicious matcha Taiyaki recipes to learn from.


#1: Assorted Taiyaki filling ideas

Taiyaki filling ideas

This particular blogger used a whole bunch of ingredients as Taiyaki fillings including nutella, chocolate, peanut butter, cheese etc. All these make for interesting Taiyaki filling ideas and should provide a more unique tasting experience. The creator says it took her less than 30 minutes to create these different Taiyaki so you should not have excuses for not trying them at home with your Taiyaki pan.

Check out the full recipe and instructions here.


#2: Kaya Taiyaki recipe

kaya taiyaki recipe

Kaya is a southeast asia ingredient that is very often used as form of a jam on bread. It is made from pandan and coconut so it is really rich, creamy and sweet. Using Kaya as a Taiyaki filling is interesting and different from the usual red bean or azuki paste filling.

See how to create this recipe here.


#3: Taiyaki with Anko beans

taiyaki with ando paste

Here is a more traditional Taiyaki recipe that uses Anko bean paste as its filling. Anko is a traditional Japanese sweet and can be purchased from supermarkets. It looks a lot of azuki beans hence it comes from the same red bean family.

See the full recipe here.


#4: Peanut butter Taiyaki recipe

taiyaki with peanut butter

For peanut butter fans, here is one that could tickle your fancy. Rather than traditional Taiyaki filling ideas, the creator uses Kaya and peanut butter, which better suits Western taste.  This is perfect for those who are not courageous enough to want to try different favors yet as the peanut butter taste great as a Taiyaki filling.

See how she did it here.

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