4 recipes to teach you how to make butter mochi recipe

There is really nothing more exceptional than to end a busy day with a sumptuous bite of perfect butter mochi. Feel the melting butter as every chewy bite is certainly going to bring you a rapturous mochi experience. Butter mochi is indeed, full of surprises. I gathered 4 recipes below to get you started making butter mochi in no time.


#1: Vegan butter mochi cake


For those with inclination for a vegan diet, this recipe is a must try. The author made it easier to incorporate butter mochi with delicious servings of vegan oil. The result is actually a vegan butter mochi cake that is not only pleasing to the eyes, but to the taste buds as well.

See the full recipe here.


#2: Butter mochi


Pure butter mochi experience, what a pleasant idea! If you love butter and chewy mochi bites, then this recipe will surely kick up a notch for you to achieve a foodie nirvana experience. With just a butter mochi? Well, you love mochi as much as I do right? Try it to believe it!

See the full recipe here.


#3: Butter mochi with coconut flavor

mini butter  mochi

This might look like a plain simple butter mochi recipe but you would be surprised what an added coconut flavor brings to the mix. If you love butter and coconut flavor at the same time, then by all means let the flavors mix and give you that explosive mochi taste!

See the full recipe here.


#4: Sweet butter mochi

how to make butter  mochi

What makes this recipe unique is the ability to add your own level of sugar in the mix! The author has created a flexibility recipe that can cater to folks who need a gluten diet as well as those who can take sugar. Who could conceive that idea? Try this recipe now and get into the party mode over a delicious butter mochi serving.

See the full recipe here.


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