4 unique mochi recipes you got to see

Did you know that there are about an infinite ways to stuff your mochi? As a mochi lover, I have the tendency to experiment on unique ingredients. There are times when I hit the jackpot, like the feeling that you’ve been to the moon and beyond. Really, with a mochi? Well, I love everything mochi and it simply surprises me. I gathered 4 unique mochi recipe below for your mochi pleasure.


#1: Mochi ice cream recipe

Unique mochi 1

At first, I wonder how quick you need to be to eat this mochi before the ice cream melts. However, the author of this recipe is indeed stylish and full of creativity. It becomes even better because this is the chance for you to show off your homemade ice cream mastery. Although it requires a bit more work, you can fully savor the fruits of your labor afterward.

See the full recipe here.


#2: Blueberry mochi recipe

black berry mochi recipe

If you have some cravings for blueberries, this recipe is right for you. The author made it as the main ingredient however, this is not for the uninitiated mochi lover. Time to show off your mochi expertise, follow the author’s techniques to achieve an amazing blueberry mochi.

See the full recipe here.


#3: Onde-onde mochi recipe

onde onde mochi recipe

This recipe indeed shimmers with various unique ingredients. Its sweetness comes as a result of cooking pandan leaves. Then, finished off with a subtle or heavy roll of dessicated coconut. Try this scrumptious mochi recipe now.

See the full recipe here.


#4: Durian mochi / Durian daifuku recipe

durian mochi recipe

Durian offers a very deep taste. This fruit is peculiarly smelly so if you dislike the smell but love the taste, put it in a mochi! Enjoy a delicious durian mochi in this perfectly illustrated recipe.

See the full recipe here.

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