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Thanks for visiting Mochihub.com, which aims to be the best mochi site on the Internet on recipes, reviews and other related interests.  My name is Sharon and I started this site because I had such a hard time trying to look for different mochi recipes and how to articles. Hence, I decided to make a site that I myself would want to use as a maker of mochi. This is how Mochihub.com was created.

My hope is to update the site at once twice a week so that readers have something new to look forward to. Of course, I expect some weeks to fall off the schedule as life gets in the way.  If that happens, I seek your understanding as I am not a full time blogger by any means.

Well, enjoy the site and I look forward to hearing any comments and feedback you might have.


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  1. Do you know to get parts for the machines? I need the rubber packing gasket between the pan and the steamer below. It looks like the same on all the machines. We have the Tiger, old style National, Toshiba.

  2. Best is to buy a used model that has this part working so that you can use it to replace your current ones.

  3. Hello Sharon, does mochihub.com has an email address? I would like to ask you something about “pro” mochi machines

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