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The most troubling thing about making mochi at home is the strain of pounding the rice into dough. Previously, without a mochi maker, it will take me at least 15 to 20 minutes and a pair of tired hands to get the dough get. Fortunately, that is now the thing of the past.With a good mochi maker in hand, making mochi at home is never tiring or difficult again.

In my mind, the best mochi maker helps you in one big task: the pounding of the steamed rice into a warm dough for you to roll your mochi. The one machine that best does this is the Tiger SMJ-A18U 10-Cup mochi maker. It produces excellent dough that is soft and chewy, unlike the cold ones you bought from the supermarket. No doubt, it is a great piece of appliance for your mochi making that you can easily buy from Amazon.

If you want to know more about my experience of using this machine, scroll down to read my personal review.

best mochi maker - tiger mochi maker review

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Best rated mochi maker

Before reading into my review, you can see how others have rated it. Comparing the tiger mochi maker to its nearest competitor, which is the Zojirushi mochi maker, you can see the difference in ratings in the images that I have cut and paste from Amazon.

Tiger mochi maker has an average of 4.5 star rating by 29 customer reviews while Zojirushi mochi maker only has 3.5 average ratings from 3 customers.

best mochi maker - tiger mochi maker review 2

best mochi maker - tiger mochi maker review 3


My personal review

I bought the tiger mochi maker 6 months ago and has been consistently using it to the tune of around 2-3 times a month. So far, I must say the experience has been mostly positive although there were a few things that I thought can be improved.

Basically, there are 2 main functions performed by the mochi maker machine: (i) to cook the rice for about 45 minutes and (ii) to pound the rice into a dough for about 10 to 15 minutes. These 2 primary tasks are handled very well by the Tiger mochi maker which explains my overall positive experience.

Below is more details on I find to be positive:



  • Quality of mochi is good: The freshly made mochi dough is soft and delicious. Once I have tasted this, I no longer buy any frozen mochi from the supermarket.
  • Easy to use: There is no complicated controls to master. All you need to do is to soak the rice before cooking overnight. Once the rice is soaked, simply pour them into the cooker and press the start button. That is it! You can of course set the timer if you want. After the cooking is done, the buzzer will ring and you need to press the stop button. After that, click the pound button and press start. Job done!
  • Easy to clean: The sticky mochi dough might be a cleaning nightmare but fortuantely, it is easy to clean in Tiger mochi maker. All you need is to use some warm water. Simply throw the paddle into cold water to soak and clean using hot water. The mochi just comes off like magic.
  • Good capacity; The machine can make up to 10 cups of mochi. I am sure that is enough capacity to serve even large families.
  • Can be used to make mochi rice cake: Unknown to many, I discovered that the lid can be used as a form of pan for making mochi cake. This was not stated in the instruction booklet. I only got to know this through reading some reviews on Amazon.


Can be improved

These are not deal breakers but I think can be improved in the next version

  • No buzzer for the pounding aspect: Interesting, there is a timer which you can set for the cooking of the rice. However, once the machine goes into pounding mode, there is no timer which means you need to do your own timing.
  • Longer time with brown rice: I try the same timing with brown rice once and the result wasn’t good. There was no instructions on how long will the brown rice be cooked so I guess that should be included to avoid results like mine.
  • Badly written instructions: This is the only sore part of the whole experience. Some things such as lack of pounding buzzer is not written. The cooking instructions are also not very accurate. For example, the rice to water ratio should be 5C rice about 2.5C water, instead of 10C rice to 2.5C water.


Overall, my experience for using this machine has been very positive. Although there are some minor things that can be improved, I don’t regret buying this and making fresh mochi at home.


  1. Hi thanks for this article- How is the machine working? Hopefully still going strong! I want to make with brown rice- did you experiment any further with water amounts? Would love to know!!!

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