Can you eat mochi when pregnant?

Cravings for food during pregnancy are typical and considered to be a normal adaptation to such physiologic changes. Some people would consider it as a way of calling the attention of their loved ones or a reaction to the woman’s dependent state; but experts believed that these cravings are a result of a need for vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. In most instances, pregnant women crave for sweet treats like mochi. Although it is considered safe and healthy, expectant mothers should always follow a balanced and healthy diet all throughout their pregnancy.

Can you eat mochi when pregnant


What is Mochi?

Mochi is a glutinous sweet dessert with a translucent appearance filled with ice cream and chocolate which can also be added to soups and confections. It is a rice cake eaten during the New Year celebrations and other traditional Japanese ceremonies. Nowadays, we can see a lot of mochi treats in several desert shops and ice cream parlours. Some people assume that mochi is not nutritious and only a food that can satisfy sweet cravings. Fortunately, this kind of dessert has several health benefits. In the Japanese traditional medicine, it is believed that mochi brings warmth to the body and revitalize energy. It promotes normal functioning of the vital organs like spleen, pancreas and stomach and it can also alleviate blood sugar imbalances, anemia and constipation.


Is it safe to eat Mochi during pregnancy?

It is safe to eat mochi during the pregnancy stage. According to research, this dessert gives strength to the expectant mother and her baby, especially when combined with an herb called mugwort. It is also known to promote lactation, increase calcium and iron content and prepare the mother for her upcoming labor.

Mochi is often made of whole sweet brown rice that can ease colon problems. Most pregnant women have difficulty removing their bowel regularly because of the growing baby and the anatomical changes that normally takes place. Aside from that, some of them crave for foods that can cause constipation. Thus, mochi can be the best food alternative during pregnancy, especially when craving for something sweet. It contains Vitamins A and C, Minerals like calcium, iron, potassium and sodium as well as an acceptable amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates needed for the pregnant woman and her child.

What are the important tips to remember during pregnancy?

Food selection is very essential during pregnancy. Poor nutrition can lead to a number of health complications including fetal death, birth defects and many others. Although mochi is healthy and nutritious, expectant mothers should always consider a balanced diet to supplement their vitamin and mineral needs.

Mochi combined with herbs can bring a lot of benefits but those that are filled with ice cream, chocolates or candies are not nutritionally satisfying. Therefore, pregnant women who crave for mochi should be wary on the possible dangers if they have over eaten a certain food preparation. They have to consult their doctor about this in order to get the right medical advice and ensure a healthy pregnancy.


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