Croissant taiyaki guide: recipe and franchise opportunities

Croissant Taiyaki is athe equivalent for cronuts in the US. Basically, it combines the idea of a croissant and Taiyaki to create a new take on a delicious Japanese dessert. Traditionally, Taiyaki taste more towards the pan cake side of things. For Croissant Taiyaki, the texture has become more Croissant like, i.e. crispy. Basically, it is a Croissant in the shape of a fish. For the Taikayi filling, it has also change from ingredients such as red beans to custard filling although some stores still sell the azuki version.


History of Croissant Taiyaki

I believe the first mention of Croissant Taiyaki was in 2013 and was started by Gindaco stands. Since, it has became their top selling products. From the news reports, it seems that the creation of Croissant Taiyaki was inspired by Cronuts, a combination of Croissant and Doughnuts.  Currently, the Gindaco stands have spread to various parts of Asia such as Bangkok, Seoul so you know where to buy Croissant Taiyaki from in these countries.


Croissant Taiyaki recipe

Given that this is so new, there aren’t so many recipes online that teach you how to make Croissant Taiyaki on your own. Below is what I manage to find;

Croissant Taiyaki with custard filling: The blogger has been craving for a Croissant Taiyaki  and finally caved in. She bought a Taiyaki maker and started to make her own version of this new Japanese dessert. Check out her recipe here.

However, to get the texture that is similar to what is sold, you need some kind of special ceramic equipment as this is what the stores used. Using a normal electric Taiyaki maker may work but I am not sure if you can get the crispy texture that is needed for a perfect Croissant Taiyaki.


Is Croissant Taiyaki healthy?

If you compare Croissant Taiyaki against the tradition Taiyaki, I venture to say it is more unhealthy due to the amount of sugar and glaze that has been coated on top of the Croissant Taiyaki, like how a tradition Croissant would do. Filling wise, I would say the traditional Japanese Taiyaki fillings such as azuki has less sugar than custard filling, although you can decide which filling you want to eat.


Croissant Taiyaki franchise opportunities

Now, with Croissant Taiyaki being so hot, is it worthwhile to try and take advantage of this trend via a franchisee opportunity? My answer is no unless you got it early. Most dessert based franchise dies off pretty quickly. Check out Bubble Tea, Soft Yogurt Ice Cream etc. Maybe it is to do with consumer tastes constantly changing for desserts but they are never a long term business proposal.
However, if you are really interested, the cost of the Croissant Taiyaki franchise is around half a million dollars USD. This amount is what the Bangkok company, Proposal, paid for. It is unsure if it is for the entire country and for just the city of Bangkok. Anyway, the cost is not cheap so think carefully and cash outflow and how much time you need to recover your capital.


I find the rise of Croissant Taiyaki to be interesting. I am sorry I can only provide one recipe as it is really new and very few home cooks have figured out how to make Croissant Taiyaki at home.  I will update this if I can.

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