Gluten free mochi recipe

Mochi is naturally gluten free. Whoever thought that you couldn’t have sweets without compromising your health is wrong. Traditional mochis are sweet and simple and have been tweaked thousands of times already. Some of these varieties are not gluten free that is why I gathered a few recipes below that ensure authentic gluten free mochi.


#1: Green tea mochi

Gluten free mochi 1

Nothing makes a delightful afternoon snack more exciting than a delicious bite of a healthy green tea mochi. The author is a genuine master of mochi making, allowing you to learn this recipe in an intuitive way. It’s really gluten free mochi at its best.

See the full recipe here.


#2: Gluten free mochi rice cakes filled with red bean paste

Gluten free mochi 2

This particular recipe is a mixture of delicious ingredients such as red bean paste and green tea powder. The result is a scrumptious bite of a gluten free recipe perfect for your dessert or midnight snacks. Its light, sweet, and with enough chewiness to make you want for more.

See the full recipe here.


#3: Gluten free japanese matcha green tea mochi

Gluten free mochi 3

This is the perfect illustration of what a mochi should be. If you have friends that are new to mochi, let them have a bite of this delicious matcha green tea mochi. These little-bite mochis are perfect in livening up your social hours. Try this recipe now.

See the full recipe here.

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