How to make azuki bean mochi – 4 recipes to learn from

Azuki bean is a crazy staple for Japanese mochi sweets. The key to getting this right is to know how to make a great tasting azuki bean paste that isn’t too sweet. If you are looking for such a recipe, then this is the page for you as I have rounded up some really useful tutorials on how to make azuki bean mochi, including one that focuses on just teaching you how to make the azuki bean paste. If you are keen to learn check out these easy recipes below:


#1: How to make azuki bean paste

how to make azuki bean mochi 1

This is a very useful azuki bean paste recipe. With this recipe in hand, you can use it in other kinds of Japanese sweets beside mochi. In fact, the author even gives some really good examples of where and how the azuki bean paste can be used.  Highly recommended to check it out.

See recipe here.


#2: Azuki bean mochie recipe with peanut butter

how to make azuki bean mochi 2

Mixing azuki bean with peanut butter is a fairly unique twist on making a red bean mochi. If you like to give your mochi a different taste then you definitely give this recipe a try. The son of the creator obviously likes it so it must be a tasty recipe right?

See the recipe here.


#3: Azuki bean soup with mochi

how to make azuki bean soup with mochi

Another way to eat this Japanese dessert is to use normal mochi in an azuki bean soup. The mochi in this case will not have any filling as the soup makes up for it.

Check out the full recipe here.


#4: Matcha mochi with azuki bean

how to make azuki bean mochi 3

This is one of the most beautiful recipe blog that I have seen. The pictures taken are absolutely gorgeous and the step by step instructions are super clear. Even if you don’t like to make mochi, I encourage you to visit the blog to look at her other mouth watering pictures on display.

See the recipe here.


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