How to make brown rice mochi

Mochi experience wouldn’t be complete without the healthy twist of brown rice mochi. Yes, you read it right. Get into the fit mode while still enjoying a sumptuous bite of a splendid brown rice mochi. Below is a roundup of three easy recipes of brown rice mochi for you to enjoy.


#1: Brown rice mochi with almond butter

brown rice mochi-3

This is another recipe for the health conscious mochi lovers. Except this time, you would love the almond filling cruising in your mouth like an explosive delightful feeling. If you are not into nut butters, you can simply enjoy it as it is, plain but still a very delicious brown rice mochi.

See the full recipe here.


#2: Brown rice mochi with honey

brown rice mochi with honey

For something that taste sweet, you can try this super easy recipe. The best thing is that the author has created 2 different ways to eat the brown rich mochi. One is for main meal while the other is more for dessert.

See her recipe here.


#3: Home made brown rice mochi recipe

home made brown rice mochi

This particular recipe is indeed detailed as the author takes you through the entire process of making your own mochi from brown rice. He or she also uses lots of gorgeous photos to show the step by step instructions. With this recipe, you have up to 2 days to enjoy your hard work and still have a warm bite of healthy brown rice mochi.

See the full recipe here.


#4: Okara mochi with rice bran, er brown rice

brown rice mochi-2

This is an interesting recipe because the author chose not to use brown rice. However, a mochi lover could easily make changes to this recipe. What else could be healthier than brown rice? After all, mochi is made up of brown rice. You can simply substitute brown rice instead of rice bran to have that scrumptious mochi experence.

See the full recipe here.

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