Must try recipes to learn how to make coconut mochi

There are times when you crave for a coconut mochi but not purely coconut mochi. Understandable as pure coconut flavor alone seems too simple for us mochi lovers. Perhaps, add a little nut butter filling in order to create a delightful mochi experience. I gathered four recipes below to help you make that coconut mochi easily and quickly.


#1: Coconut mochi with peanut fillings

coconut mochi-4

This delicious coconut recipe cleverly combines the explosive tastes of two prominent nutty delights. What happens when you combine desiccated coconuts and crushed peanuts into a mochi? As a mochi lover, you know that it would only result to a perfect mochi bite. Try this recipe now.

See the full recipe here.


#2: Coconut mochi with azuki bean filling

coconut mochi with azuki bean filling

Want some delicious azuki bean to go with the coconut? Then you need to try this recipe that teaches you how to make your own red bean paste as fillings for your own coconut mochi. It even shows you how to properly roll the azuki bean paste into the dough!

See recipe here.


#3: Sweet coconut mochi

coconut mochi-3

What could be a better dessert than a sweet coconut mochi with delicious red bean paste filling? If you are into sweet coconut mochi with some red bean fillings, you would surely love this recipe. The result is simple yet scrumptious sweet mochi bites.

See the full recipe here.


#4: Coconut butter mochi

coconut mochi-1

This recipe is perfect for fun snacks. The author is mesmerized by the natural gummy taste of mochi that she tasted from Hawaii and out of nostalgia, she decided to relive the same mochi experience that you could also enjoy. Try this recipe now.

See the full recipe here.


#5: Coconut mochi

coconut mochi-2

This is another revolutionary coconut mochi recipe. The author did not use a microwave but simply a steamer and after a few trial-and-errors, she managed to perfect the recipe. If you love coconut mochi as much I do, the delicious and scrumptious mochi bites offered by this recipe is certainly going to make you want for more.

See the full recipe here.

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