How to make honeydew mochi – try these 3 recipes

Learning how to honeydrew mochi is not difficult. Once you have a mochi maker to do all the dough pounding, half the work have been done. All you need now is to knowledge on how to roll the mochi and what kind of ingredients to include in them.  In this article, I have rounded up 4 fantastic, easy to learn honeydrew mochi recipes that you can easily read and learn from.


#1: Easy honeydew mochi recipe

how to make honeydew mochi

The author here has created 3 different mochi recipes: soy bean ice cream, honeydew and chocolate. She only lists out the chocolate mochi recipe but it is easy to simply replace chocolate with honeydew.  One big tip from her: don’t overfill the mochi or it wil sag!

The recipe is here.


#2: Honeydew ball mochi recipe

honeydew mochi recipe 1

One of the interesting trick in this recipe is using honeydew juice as part of the ingredients to make the mochi skin. This will enforce the taste of honeydew without the need to wrap more honeydew into a limited filling space.


Here is the link.


#3: Honeydew mochi ice cream recipe

honeydew mochi ice cream recipe

This recipe is a bit different. Rather than just mochi, it is mochi ice cream! Yup, you will be using honeydew ice cream rather than actual honeydew for this recipe.

See the recipe here.

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