How to make mango mochi – 3 wonderful recipes to try

Mango mochi recipe is wonderful sweet treat made up of tropical fruits and carefully selected ingredients which will make this little cake an unforgettable experience. At first all this might seem so hard and complicated to do but if you are dedicated and really want to bake something extraordinary, this is the perfect choice.


#1: Mango mochi recipe

How to make mango mochi recipe 1

This is a recipe that can be easily used for special occasion but also for times when you just need something sweet in your life and chocolate had become too boring.

All you need for this one is mochiko, flavors, sugar and juice of what type you might like to use in every case. You mix them together and then you use the bowl to steam them for 30 minutes or moreā€¦

While the outer layer gets its share of steaming all you have to do is prepare the filling of the mocha and you make sure that is perfect. Mango is such a delicious fruit which will make the mochi twice more appealing

See the recipe link here


#2: Steamed mango mochi recipe

How to make mango mochi recipe 2

The creator has a lovely blog that contains lots of nice images and easy to follow instructions. I try her recipe for making mango mochi and it not difficult at all. If you are a beginner, I highly encourage you to give this a try.

See recipe here.


#3: Mango coconut mochi cupcake recipe

How to make mango coconut mochi recipe

This combination of mango and coconut in a mochi is something that can never fail to amaze your taste. These two divine fruits combined with the everlasting mocha gives us a desert that will blow your mind off not only your palates.

See the recipe here

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