How to make nutella mochi – Try these 4 recipes

For chocolate lovers, you have to learn how to make nutella mochi because they taste so yummy in your mouth. The chewness of the mochi skim plus the rich taste of nutella hazelnut chocolate is a powerful combo that I cannot resist. If you love chocolate as much as I do, here are some easy mochi recipes you need to learn and master.

#1: Mochi with marzipan, nutella & pistachio nut filling

how to make nutella mochi

This is a multi favoured mochi recipe that might require more ingredients but you will love the end result. The different nutty taste adds a wonderful dimension to the overall mochi favor and is something you don’t get to taste outside. Try it now!

See the full recipe here.


#2: Pure nutella mochi recipe

nutella mochi recipe 1

If you want nothing but nutella filling, then this is the recipe for you. In this recipe, the author creator her own dough without the use of any machine. However, I strongly recommend you buy this mochi maker which will save you lots of trouble in making the dough as it does the pounding for you.

See the recipe here.


#3: Peanut butter or nutella mochi recipe

nutella mochi recipes

In this particular recipe, the author uses peanut butter rather than Nutella. However, she did this you can replace peanut butter with Nutella without changing any other parts of the recipe. In that case, it is worth taking a look to see what her recipe is like.

The full recipe can be found here


#4: Strawberry Nutella mochi recipe

nutella mochi recipes 1

This recipe allows you to include small fruits such as strawberry into your mochi to make them more refreshing to the bite. The creator allows for the ingredients to be changed so that you can include either peanut butter or Nutella.

See the recipe here.

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