Japanese brand bread maker machine reviews – Which is the best?

Japanese brand bread maker machines are one of the best bread makers in the market today. I am not just saying that as a fan of Japanese appliances. The bread you can make from these Japanese brands are soft and very presentable. Best of all, they are super easy to use and help you to get that perfect load every time.

Below is my pick for the top 3 Japanese brand bread makers.


Zojirushi Japanese bread maker review

Zojirushi japanese brand bread maker]Zojirushi bread maker is one of the best rated Japanese brand bread maker on Amazon, with over 85% of the 1000+ reviews saying this deserve a 4 or 5 star rating. It is that good! Read on to find what is so good about it.

First of all, it has a 2 kneading arms, rather than one which is the norm for most bread maker machines. Can you imagine kneading a dough with one arm? Preciously! This is why this machine succeed where most other machines failed.  Just remember to pull the paddle off after baking as they might be stuck in the loaf. This does not always happen but when it does, it is not a big deal as a bit of twist and turn will get the paddles out.

Another good feature is that it will let you know when to add in other ingredients such as toppings and cheese such that it will turn out perfect. In addition, it will also preheat the ingredients for the bread so that yeast will come out correctly. This is a HUGE time saver!

Talking about time, the timer is also one of the things that many people liked, including me. Nothing beats waking up to a load of freshly baked bread for a healthy breakfast. Once you got the timing of the machine down, using the timer is a piece of cake.

Washing up is also very easy. Although it is not made of teflon but the surface is non sticky. All you need is either a cloth or a brush to remove some of the bread crust that might remain on the sides or bottom of the machine. There is no need for it to go into a dishwasher for additional cleaning.

With an easy to use control panel, plus lots of recipes to try, the Zojirushi bread maker will bring out the baker in you in no time at all.


Pansonic bread maker review

pansonic japanese brand bread maker]Pansonic home bakery is another Japanese brand bread maker that is highly rated on Amazon.  The reason for the high rating? Easy to use (once you figured out the translation) machine that makes beautiful soft bread. According to a reviewer who had both the Zojirushi and this, the Pansonic is much easier to use with better results on the first few attempts. This comparison is useful for those who are deciding about Zojirushi vs Pansonic bread makers.

Besides being able to produce tasty bread, the Pansonic bread machine can also produce a wide variety of food including udon,jam, paste and even mochi. Yup, you can actually use this as a mochi maker if you want so you don’t have to buy2 appliances just to make bread and mochi.

The good news is that even though it is a Japanese import, you don’t need a convertor to make it work. If you want to convert, you can easily buy one of those convertor from Amazon as well.

The only downside is probably its high price and non English manual. Below is a rough guide on which option to use to  bake different food:

1. Bread
3. Soft Bread
4. Rapid Bread
5. Rice Bread
6. French Bread
7. Rye Bread
8. Whole Wheat Bread
24. Cake
26. Jam

If you want just normal soft bread, number #3 will be option to choose from.

Overall, Pansonic is a great Japanese brand bread maker as it is so easy to make delicious soft bread from it. However, it costs about USD80 more than Zojirushi and has a Non English manual.


Sanyo bread maker review

sanyo japanese brand bread maker]Rounding up the top 3 Japanese brand bread maker is this model from Sanyo.  Among the 3, this is the one with the least number of reviews so it is pretty difficult to know if the quality is good.

For what is worth, the 3 existing reviews are all positive. Although all of them needs some trial and error to get the process and ingredients correct due a lack of an English manual, they all feel the machine is worth the money. However, you do need a transform to step down the electric current or it will fry the electric board.

Currently, there is some confusion on whether the distributor will provide an English manual. On the website, it is stated that a copy will be made available only for customers. However, you need to email them to get your copies. The manual was created by the distributor and not Sanyo.

Overall, due to the lack of information and support, I would put this as my last choice among the three models. If you are fluent in Japanese, this might be a possible purchase.



There isn’t too many choices if you are an American trying to buy a Japanese brand bread maker. Zojirushi probably is the best option given its language compatibility, low prices and great features. Pansonic is also another great if you can overcome the language barrier.


  1. Which bread machine had the best warranty? I have been reading all comments everywhere on the Web about performance but also saw many complaints about machines stopping to work in less than two years We plan to use ours every second day and never buy store breads again!

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