Microwave Taiyaki mold: which is the best?

In my previous article on reviewing the best electric Taiyaki maker pan, I mentioned that there was 2 options: either you heat a non electric Taiyaki pan over the stove or you buy an electric version that can self heat. I realise now there is a third option, which is to microwave the Taiyaki mold.

This third option is what I called the middle of the road option. Its price is between an electric Taiyaki maker and a non electric version. In terms of convenience, it is not as convenient as the electric version but it is definitely less troublesome than the over the stove type. All in all, it is a pretty nice alternative to what was recommended before.


Kotobuki microwave Taiyaki mold review

microwave Taiyaki mold for saleThere isn’t much choice with regards to finding microwave Taiyaki mold for sale but this particular brand seems to have all the needed components. It is called Kotobuki mold and the picture to your left is a good representation of what you will be getting if you are considering buying this set.

If you are not familar with the brand, it is a pretty trusted brand with regards to its Taiyaki products. It not only makes this particular microwave mold set, it also produces the electric and over the stove version. Reviews on these other products have been solid so I have not problem believing this microwave version will work just as well.

The set includes 2 Taiyaki molds and a shaker. The latter is meant for you to mix the batter well before pouring it into the molds.  The material is mostly plastic and it works well. With the right temperature settings, your Taikayi will turn out to be soft and moist.

This set can be used in all the microwave ovens but you need to adjust the temperature and cooking time. The default instructions are based on a 600W microwave oven. If you have a higher wattage oven such as a 1100W version, you will need to half the temperature and cook and 1 1/2 minutes.

The best thing is that you can buy this through Amazon so there is no hassle trying to order this from overseas. Best of all, if you are an Amazon Prime customers, you get free shipping, which is a very good deal.  If you are not a Prime customers, you can sign up for it here.


it is a good membership program that has a lot of perks for its members.



If you are looking to buy a microwave Taiyaki mold, this one from Kotobuki is a good choice with its affordable pricing and solid product packing.

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