Non-stick Taiyaki pan: which are the brands

One of the most troublesome thing about using a Taiyaki pan is the amount of cleaning you need to do, especially when the surface is sticky. You literally have to clean each and every nooks and holes in the pan to ensure non of the crumbs get left behind. The solution to lessen this pain is to buy a non sticky Taiyaki pan. In this article, I am putting together a list of brands that have non sticky Taiyaki maker pans for sale to make your buying experience easier. I will also link to previous reviews of that brand if I managed to cover it before.


#1: Kotobuki Taiyaki Pan

non sticky taiyaki panThe Kotobuki brand  has been reviewed previously when I wrote about the best microven Taiyaki mold.  It is a great product meant to be used if you want to microwave your Taiyaki and I trust the same brand to deliver the value here.

Its non sticky Taiyaki pan has been well received as it gotten plenty of positive reviews from customers who have purchased this pan from Amazon. One of its big benefit is of course its nonstick surface. This makes is super easy to clean such that you wouldn’t be hesitant in using this product more because of the clean up.  Using the pan more is important as you need to experiment a few times with different Taiyaki recipes until you found one that can give you a Taiyaji that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Another great thing about this particular non-sticky Taiyaki pan is its weight. Despite being made of cast iron, it is pretty light and makes cooking a lot easier on the wrist.  It also heats up pretty quickly so it makes cooking Taiyaki a lot faster as well.

(Editor’s note: the material is not cast iron. It is a mix of aluminum and some other metal material)

Overall, it is a great quality product if you are looking for a non sticky Taiyaki pan.


#2: Nonstick Taiyaki Pan from Happy Sales

non sticky taiyaki pan Happy SalesAnother non sticky Taiyaki pan product comes from Happy Sales range of pans. This product has also received plenty of positive reviews for the fact that it is easy to use and clean. Its non sticky surface makes a breeze to remove the cooked batter that is inside the mold by just water and cleaning detergent.

The cooking part is also pretty easy to understand even if the instructions are in Korean. Just pour the batter into the mold, close it and heat it over a regular stove. Take note not to just too high heat or the inside of the Taiyaki will be overcooked.  The handle is nice to hold and will make moving the pan an easier job.

The material is not cast iron. It is made of aluminum which explains its low price. However, it doesn’t really affect your usage.


#3: TYK Non stick Tauyaki Pan review

non sticky taiyaki pan TYKMy third and final recommendation is this Taiyaki pan from TYK. It works very similarly with the first 2 recommendations with its non sticky surface. Just pour the batter into the pan and heat is over low heat on a conventional stove.  Like others, it is sturdy and thin so that it gets heated up quickly with no fuss.

Among the three brands, I believe this is the cheapest of the lot. It is priced at only USD20 so it is very affordable.




All the three Taiyaki pans presented here have non sticky surfaces so they are easy to clean. Having said that, it is always better to put some oil or a little butter on the surface before the cooking. This will make cleaning up even faster and easier. Have fun cooking Taiyaki!

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