Panasonic mochi maker reviews

Panasonic mochi machine, or mochi maker as they are commonly called, is another established brand that you can consider if you are looking into buying a mochi machine for home. I have reviewed the zojirushi mochi maker as well as the tiger mochi maker so comparing them against the Panasonic brand will be interesting.


Panasonic SD-MA18N-W mochi maker review

panasonic mochi maker reviewThe Panasonic BM1001 is a 10 cup mochi and dough maker. Besides making mochi, it is good for making dough for noodles, pizza etc. If you like to eat home cooked dough, this machine will be great for you.

One great thing about using this to make mochi is that it is easy to take the mochi out of the machine without much fuss. They wouldn’t stick to the pan to make the removal difficult. The trick to do them no sticky is to leave the rice to soak for more than 10 hours. If you do it for 5-6, you will see that they stick like hell. Cleaning the machine is also very fuzz free if you follow the 10 hour soaking time rule.

In terms of actual cooking time, it is actually quite fast and doesn’t require as much time as the soaking process. On average, you will need about 25 minutes of steaming time and another 15 times of pounding to produce that nice mochi texture.

The Panasonic mochi maker also has a lower pricing relative to the Tiger. It is about the same level as a Zojirushi mochi machine and is around USD200+.

The only downside is the the height of the mochi maker. It is taller than the Tiger and Zojirushi mochi maker so make sure your cabinet has enough height space to store the appliance. It also takes up quite a bit of floor space so people with small kitchens might not fancy this.

Similar to the Zojirushi mochi machine, the manuals for the Panasonic is in Japanese only so you might some help in translation if you are familiar with the Japanese language.


Panasonic vs Tiger vs Zojirushi

In general, all three mochi makers work well. Tiger is a bit pricey so that that make it unattractive for most. Panasonic and Zojirushi have around the same pricing. However, the latter takes up less space and is easier to store. As a result, it has a slight edge over the Panasonic if I am forced to pick one of the two.


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