Taiyaki ice cream machine review

There is a new Japanese dessert trend called Taiyaki ice cream or Tai-parfait that is gaining popularity.  The one big difference between this and the normal Taiyaki dessert is the shape of the fish mouth. Specifically, to learn how to make a Taiyaki ice cream, you will to create a fish shape that have its mouth open so that the ice cream filling can be inserted. Normal appliance such as the electric Taikayi maker that I have reviewed can’t create such shapes. This is why you need to buy a Taiyaki ice cream machine.


Taiyaki machine with open mouth

taiyaki ice cream makerDue to the price of this machine, it is probably not feasible to buy it for the home. However, if you are thinking of starting a business selling Taiyaki ice cream than that is where the value of this commercial Taiyaki maker is.

This machine from WZ is the only one I can find on Amazon.com. It is made of Baker iron and comes with Taiyaki molds with open mouths.  For $800, it is pretty cheap considering the quality of the build and that you will be making money using it.

Like the model I reviewed, this is an electric Taiyaki maker machine. You don’t need any other ovens or microwaves to cook the Taiyaki. All you need to do is to pour your batter into the fish mold and the electricity cook the dessert for you. No mess and super fast to get the Taiyaki done, which is important when you are rows of customers waiting to eat their fish shaped desserts.

It is also rather heavy as its weight is more 11kg. For commercial business, this is actually a good thing as it helps to keep it from moving and provide a steady base for you to work on. Each of these machine comes with 10 molds, five on each side so you can serve 10 Taiyaki at once if needed.

The downside is that you can’t cook all 10 Taiyaki independently. The machine is such that you need to cook everything at once. Hence, in terms of workflow, it is best if you take 10 orders and cook them at once, rather than use the machine when there is only order. Of course, if the business is not that hectic, doing one with the machine is still feasible.


How to start a Taiyaki selling business?

Since you are buying a commercial Taiyaki maker, I am assuming you have the intention to start a store selling Taiyaki ice cream. The first step to starting any business is to verify that there is demand in the area where you want to start your business. This can be done via a number of ways. The best is of course to do some street interview and asked people if they liked Taiyaki ice cream and where they are currently buying it from. If the local liked this dessert but are buying from somewhere far away, then you got a business.

Another way to verify demand is to use Google Trends. It is a search tool that allows you to see which cities or places are searching for Taiyaki ice cream dessert. You can use this tool to see if there are people in your area searching for it. If not, then there might not be enough demand to justify opening a store.

Once you have verify demand, the next step is to prepare a budget and plan. Budget is relatively straight forward. Map out all the potential expenses including rental, renovation, equipment purchases, material cost, labor cost, utensils, marketing expenditure etc.  Tally these up for at least 9 months and it will give you a rough idea of how much money you need.

Next, arrange for the financing necessary to meet your budget. If you don’t have enough cash, you need to think about how to plug the gap using either bank loans or borrowings from relatives and friends. You can also try to see which item on your budget can be paid on a monthly basis to reduce your initial capital outflow.

Finally, plan out your marketing activities. A business needs to generate awareness about itself. The easier for a food business is to stand in the streets and offer free samples. Alternatively, you can also try mailing all the residents living in a 2km radius around your business. Either way, the more awareness people have of you, the better.


It is not easy starting your business. You can make it easier by buying one of these best Taiyaki ice cream maker to ensure at least you have a quality product to sell.

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