Try these 4 recipes on how to make peanut butter mochi

Another great way to liven up your mochi cravings¬†is by adding peanut butter. Aside from being readily available in any grocery stores, peanut butter is just delicious. Add it to a mochi and you’ll get an explosive mixture of scrumptious taste in your mouth. Below are 4 roundup recipes of making peanut butter mochi.


#1: Peanut butter mochi balls


This recipe is an ingenious one and a quick and very easy recipe to brighten your day. Delicious plain mochi balls rolled in sweet soya bean powder or peanut powder are sure to taste so good. How clever is that?

See the full recipe here.


#2: Mochi with peanut butter filling


This particular recipe uses plain peanut butter filling making it very easy to cook. The author uses basic ingredients but highlights the peanut butter filling so if you are really into peanut butter, this recipe is a must try.

See the full recipe here.


#3: Raspberry peanut butter daifuku mochi


This recipe is a surprising mixture of accidental ingredients but the result is absolutely an amazing taste. Follow the author’s suggestion of raspberries and peanut butter mochi mix and you’ll surely enjoy the result of making this recipe.

See the full recipe here.


#4: Peanut butter & cookie butter stuffed mochi


What an awesome combination! The author managed to sweeten this peanut butter mochi just enough that it doesn’t give off a candy taste but a perfectly soft mochi that is so good to the taste. For mochi lovers, this recipe is a must try.

See the full recipe here.

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