4 unique Taiyaki filling ideas

In traditional Taiyaki desserts, we usually used azuki or chocolate. Today, I am going to show you what unique and interesting Taiyaki fillings you can used besides those traditional ingredients. If you are game enough to try them, take a look below. To help you in making these delicious Taiyaki, you should get one of these Taiyaki pan. It really does make the job much easier.


#1: Taiyaki with strawberry fillings

Taiyaki with strawberry fillings

I got the strawberry filling ideas from stumbling upon this store in Singapore that sells fantastic Taiyaki. Its name is called Oyoge Taiyaki and specialise in white, rather than the brown Japanese fish shaped cake. The store has a couple of fillings but what caught my eye (and my taste bud) is the strawberry fillings. It taste light and yet so flavorful.  A very good idea for your to try.


#2: Taiyaki with sweet potato filling

Taiyaki with sweet potato fillings

This idea was a result of a trip to Kobe Japan. There was a Taiyaki store with one of the biggest signboard I have ever seen. The store is located outside Kobe train station so you can’t visit it if you ever visit the place. The store used sweet potato as the filling instead of the usual red bean. Upon trying it, I must say the idea work. The filling was sweet and is quite satisfying. In fact, it was enough to fill a stomach if you are not very hungry. The natural sweetness of the potato means it doesn’t need to much sugar and other flavorings.


#3: Taiyaki with vanilla bean filling recipe

Taiyaki with vanilla bean filling

Rather than just an idea, I manage to find a blogger who create a Taiyaki recipe that uses vanilla bean as the filling. Compare to chocolate, the vanilla bean filling has a stronger aroma and also is not so heavy on the taste. The recipe itself is simple to follow and wouldn’t take much of your time especially if you used an electric Taiyaki maker that I recommended in another article.

Check out her recipe here.



#4: Coconut pudding filling recipe

Taiyaki with coconut pudding filling

Among all the Taiyaki filling ideas, this is one of the most unique. The creator of this recipe uses coconut pudding! Also, it is not just normal coconut pudding. The recipe actually added salt to the pudding so it has a bit of a salty taste, which is something I like since I am a big of salty-sweet flavors such as salted caramel.  The recipe here is more involved since you need to make the coconut pudding filling but the effort is worth it as the flavor is very special.

Try it out here.


If you are looking for interesting takes on Taiyaki fillings, give these ideas a try. I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.


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  1. Next, add the chilled filling. We found that 1-2 tablespoons appeared to be the proper amount. Too much filling will punch holes in your taiyaki and too little will make the taiyaki into a very ornate dry pancake.  In the picture above, you can see that we put some filling in the dorsal fin. This will made the final fish look odd but otherwise did not prove to be much of a problem.

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