What is the best tamagoyaki pan

To make a delicious tamagoyaki, you need the best tamagoyaki pan, commonly known as the japanese omelette pan.  Continuing with my coverage on niche food appliance for making Japanese food (such as my electric Taikayi maker review), I going to review what I think is the best square tamagoyaki pan in the market today. If you are looking for one but not sure of which model to buy, I encourage you to take a look below.


Techef  japanese Tamagoyaki pan review

best tamagoyaki panThe Techef tampgpyaki pan is a piece of cooking appliance I absolutely adore. Before this, I was trying to make this dish using the normal pan but the resulting omelette always doesn’t turn out right. Some parts will be over cooked while others will be under.

The first thing I notice when I switch from a round pan to this is that it is now much easier to roll the egg layers without making the sides looking really messy. That was the case in the past so my Japanese omelette always turns out not to be the best looking one. This pan changes that as the layers can be now nicely folded into one another and looking pretty good 🙂

The secret is in the rectangular design as well as the slightly sloping surface that makes rolling much easier. This simple twist in design enables the egg, once cooked, to have some air between the omelette and the surface to be easily lifted and rolled. The non sticky surface also helps in making the rolling much easier.

Another thing I love is the use of minimal use of oil. It is not only healthy eating but makes cleaning up a breeze, The older pan was an oily mess. I had to soaked the oil up using napkins before cleaning them with water and detergent. With this, a simple swipe is enough to make the pan looks clean. Talk about time saving!

In terms of materials, this is not a cast iron or copper tamogoyaki pan. It is made of aluminium with a stainless steel. The advantage of this is that it is really light to use.  If you make a tamagoyaki before, you know the trick is to roll the egg evenly across the pan. A light pan makes this much easier, at least from my own experience. Maybe that is why I was able to distribute the egg more evenly with this japanese tamagoyaki pan, rather than the other models before it.

small tamagoyaki panThe actual size of the pan is small and measure around 8.5 * 8.5. This is a pretty comfortable size for making tamagayaki for 2 people, which is why I bought it as it is only intended for my husband and myself. The picture on the left from a Amazon customer should let you have a feel of what is the actual size.

I had some trouble with the small size initially but after 2 omelettes or so, I got used to it. Using it to cook tamagoyaki was fast and efficient, with beautiful results each time!



It is hard to convey how much of a difference this appliance will make to your tamagoyaki but it really does improve the cooking process. It is fast, less oily and much much easier in terms of the rolling of the egg layers. If you are a Japanese omelette fan, you must buy this: it is the best tamagoyaki pan I know of.



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