Zojirushi mochi maker review – Is it any good?

I have briefly mentioned about the Zojirushi mochi maker in my review on the best mochi machine.  Since there are readers who wanted to know how good this mochi maker is compared to the Tiger brand, I thought I should give a more detailed review to let you know how I feel about this product.


Buying from Japan

Zojirushi mochi maker reviewThe most important thing you need to know right out of the gate is that this product is shipped directly from Japan and not through an American wholesaler or dealer. What this means is that it is not a made for US product and will not have the right voltage. As such, I advice using a transformer for safety even though there are others who said such a transformer is unnecessary since the voltage difference between Japan and US is small. However, I still recommend you to use it, just in case.

Another implication of buying straight from Japan is the customer support. Unfortunately, the Zojirushi Japan office currently doesn’t offer support for non Japan customers. In other words, if you have any problems with your Zojirushi mochi maker, you are pretty much on your own.

I highlighted these 2 matters as I feel they are the most important when buying a Zojirushi mochi maker from Japan. Let’s move on to the actual pros and cons of the machine.


Pros of Zojirushi mochi maker

  • Price: A Zojirushi mochi maker cost around USD250+ while a Tiger mochi maker is around USD400. The price difference is quite wide which explains why people are looking for alternatives even though the Tiger rice maker is such a great machine
  • Easy to store: The Zojirushi mochi machine is a smaller machine than Tiger so it can better fit into your kitchen cupboards and storage.
  • Good quality mochi dough: The actual quality of the mochi dough is pretty good, comparable to the Tiger machine. It is hard to tell which machine’s quality is better as they are rather similar



 Cons of Zojirushi mochi maker

  • No English instructions: Since this is a straight from Japan product, all the instructions are in Japanese. Good luck trying to understand that if you don’t know any Japanese. Fortunately, I have done the instructions for you. Simply go down to the next section on how to use the Zojirushi mochi maker.
  • No customer support: As mentioned, there is no customer support from Japan from this product. If you need repair or to return a faulty machine, you will basically screwed.



How to use the Zojirushi mochi maker

Since the instructions are in Japanese, here is a simple write up on how to use this if you decided to buy it. The most important thing is getting the ratio of rice and water correct. Once you have that down the rest is easy.

  • Capacity is about 7 cups of rice. That is the maximum.
  • To use the rice, you need to first wash and rinse them. Then soak them in water for about8 hours. This is important to prevent your mochi from turning out too hard. After 8 hours, drain the water from the soaked rice.
  • When steaming the rice, the ratio of water to rice is around 0.5:1 i.e. half cup of water to one cup of rice that has been soaked.
  • Press the steam button to begin steaming.  This will take around 40 minutes
  • Once it is done, the buzzer will buzz.
  • Stop the steaming and start the rice pounding which will take around another 15 minutes.
  • Begin making your mochi. It is not advisable to let your mochi dough chill down as it will lose the texture and chewiness.  Best is to make mochi right after the pounding of the dough has been completed.



The Zojirushi is a value for money mochi maker if you can get over the Japanese instructions and the lack of customer support. If you are uncomfortable with either of this, I suggest buying the Tiger mochi maker instead.



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    Where can I actually buy this in Japan? Planning a trip there and want to purchse one for the way back to the UK 🙂

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